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For School Children

Initial consultation

The aim of this consultation is to fully understand the issues the parents are dealing with and choose the best approach and methods for their mitigation or elimination. Together with the parents, the psychologist or special education teacher will discuss key aspects of the issues at hand and recommend further psychological, special pedagogical or other care as appropriate.

Psychological or special pedagogical evaluation

This is an evaluation of the current level of skills and abilities of a child (reading, writing, visual and auditory perception, mathematical skills, speech, cognitive and social abilities, etc.). We are concerned with evaluating the strengths of a child as well as any weaker areas. We provide recommendations and explanations of methods for support and further childhood development. In the case of any difficulties, we can provide systemic guidance for the child. The evaluation includes a final report. This report is provided in Czech. If required, a professional English translation can be provided for an additional fee (approx. 2500 CZK). Evaluations are carried out on suspicion of developmental learning or behavioural disabilities, if there are any notable issues with behaviour or learning.

Before your evaluation, please fill out our questionnaire about your child (download here) The first section of the questionnaire is filled in by the parent. If the evaluation concerns educational or behavioural problems in school, a primary school teacher or counsellor will provide additional important information.

In order to expedite decision-making and the determination of appropriate care, we also welcome reports and information from the child’s medical records (reports from previous psychological / psychiatric evaluations, the reports and conclusions of medical specialists). Examples of the child’s work from home or their primary school are also useful (notebooks, short written homework, worksheets, etc.). If you have any such materials or reports for your child, please bring them to the evaluation (photocopies are sufficient).

Comprehensive evaluation (special pedagogical + psychological evaluation)

This type of evaluation is most commonly carried out in order to diagnose developmental learning disabilities, developmental behavioural disorders (for example on suspicion of ADHD, ADD syndrome) or other notable behaviours, actions, determinations or speech on the child’s part. The evaluation includes a final report. This report is provided in Czech. If required, a professional English translation can be provided for an additional fee. The results and recommendations form the basis for a determination of the level of elementary school support for a pupil with special educational needs. All possibilities for appropriate work in the home are explained to the parents in detail. We’re committed to making sure the children feel welcome and safe during their whole visit.

Comprehensive evaluations are also relevant to requests for (individual) home schooling. The conclusions of the evaluation and consultation will result in recommendations for further care at home.