School readiness, educational problems, preschool courses, online preparation.

Evaluation and correction of learning disabilities, career orientation, remedial classes.

Family therapy, individual consultations concerning behavioural problems.

Peer-group programs, seminars and workshops for teachers.


Pedagogical-Psychological Counselling Centre STEP provides psychological and special-educational services. We are registered as an educational facility with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. All our results, reports and recommendations have the same legal validity as that of a government pedagogical-psychological counselling centre.

Mgr. Simona Pekárková, Ph.D., CPsychol.

psychologist, special education teacher, therapist, manager of the company

Mgr. et Mgr. Martina Švandová, Ph.D.

psychologist, special education teacher, company representative, deputy manager

Ing. Marek Pekárek, MBA

economist, company representative

Focuses on the area of developmental programs and providing support with the help of digital technology.

Takes care of psychological and special-educational diagnostics at the counselling centre.

Provides strategic company leadership and the management of key projects.


In September 2017, PPP STEP launched the project “Individual Education for Preschoolers”, focused on the establishment and growth of centres of collegial support in kindergartens.

As part of the project, kindergartens and their collaborating partners are offered support and information in the areas necessary for kindergarten education.

Out of those on offer, kindergartens tend to choose topics such as:

“Cooperation of kindergartens with parents”
“The possibilities of pedagogical diagnostics”
“Effective use of new technologies”
“Educational opportunities for bilingual children”
“Approaches and opportunities for children with ASD”

We help kindergartens create effective materials, to organise materials for ability-screening of preschoolers as well as collaborating on preschool preparatory course curricula.

PPP STEP is working with the company Techsophia on the development of the “iSophi diagnostic tool”, which combines three sources of information about a child to provide a complex picture of their current school readiness.

Teacher observations
(diagnostic tool for teachers)

Parent experiences
(a test of general ability)

The child’s viewpoint
(screening application)

Emphasis is placed on connecting these three input sources together, while the first two sections include topics capable of signalling serious problems and serving as a guideline for deeper and more specialised evaluations. The highly professional diagnostic tool was completed at the end of 2018. As part of the project, the diagnostic tool was provided to hundreds of kindergartens in the Czech Republic


Pedagogical-Psychological Counselling Centre STEP
(Pedagogicko-psychologická poradna STEP s.r.o.)

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