Early support for a good start at school 2019-2022

Pre-school preparation of children has a significant impact on their subsequent success in the further education process. In order to be able to choose suitable educational activities in kindergarten, the teacher performs pedagogical diagnostics (anchored in FEP PE). The project Early Support for a Good Start at School aims to find out, in cooperation with kindergartens, the impact of professional management of pedagogical diagnostics through professionally developed tools. The project also includes teacher meetings. Their aim is to increase the competencies of teachers in kindergartens.

iSophi Educational Diagnostics System

Educational diagnostics of school maturity is one of the key activities of the educational process in kindergarten. For this reason, its implementation is explicitly required in the FEP for pre-school education. So we started out of the needs of the teachers and started to create diagnostic tools, which will meet the condition of standardization, will therefore have age standards, but will be easy to evaluate, easy to use and their outputs understandable to parents.

ISophi facilitates pedagogical diagnosis of school maturity. When in use, the teacher and the child go through a set of tasks (within about 30 minutes). The evaluation then helps with targeting activities to support the child in areas that are weakened. The iSophi tool can be used to diagnose school maturity repeatedly during the school year, for example in September and then in March, before enrollment. The digital application stores each child’s results and compares the results of both tests.

Now iSophi is used by about 300 kindergartens in Bohemia and Moravia. The STEP Counseling Center cooperates with several Czech universities, and also participates in several academic research to verify the use of iSophi in the Czech Republic and abroad, such as China and Pakistan.

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iSophi Parental Application

We have created a Parental Application with the aim of promoting cooperation between teachers and parents. This tool will provide parents with more information as well as a set of tips and instructions on how to support their preschooler effectively and on time.

In the application, the parent first fills in an online questionnaire. Subsequently, it will receive an evaluation and feedback on the areas in which the child has strengths and in which areas it is necessary to support it (including specific instructions), along with explanations and important information on the development of the child. Parents can share this information with teachers, thereby strengthening even more versatile and effective pre-school child training in line with pre-school.

Educational tool for preschoolers iSophi SMART

iSophi SMART is an educational tool aimed at developing IT thinking in kindergartens and STEM-related areas.

Smart is a tool that connects wooden building blocks with the application on the tablet. This unique combination of modern technology with traditional elements develops many areas of preschoolers – visual perception, time orientation, spatial imagination, mathematical skills and computer thinking. The educational tool also includes a series of worksheets and diagnostic sheets that serve to create a more comprehensive preschooler portfolio.

Portfolio diagnostic sheets

The worksheets are designed with increasing difficulty, together there are approximately 80 sheets in the portfolio. It develops a range of skills and individual portfolios are broken down by age. On each sheet, there is a traffic light in the corner to collectively assess the extent to which the child has successfully completed the task, which leads the child and self-evaluation training.


We made a comprehensive set of fifteen time-saving e-learning videos on school maturity. Individual videos concern visual perception, auditory perception, temporal and spatial orientation, mathematical ideas, speech and thinking and graphomotorics.

Via e-Learning for each of these areas will provide a comprehensive overview of what specifically to observe in the child and to what extent it should have the area developed. You will find out what specific procedures can be developed for each area and why it is necessary, what problems the child would otherwise face after entering school.

Diagnostic sheets for kindergarten

Recording sheets, facilitating continuous pedagogical diagnostics, were created in the framework of long-term cooperation with kindergartens, to whom we modify these sheets according to individual needs and ideas. It is used to diagnose children aged three to seven years. Similar diagnostic sheets have been created with adequate categories for monitoring children aged two years.

The diagnostic sheets are concise and clear, but at the same time we have included all the important developmental milestones characteristic of the development stage. Educators can be confident that they follow the most important stages of development and diagnose them effectively.